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SoulStar Sound Academy is a place where music transcends expctations. A sanctuary for every child who has been told they are too chatty... or too fidgety. Or maybe they simply feel like they don't fit in; they haven't found their voice... yet!


We embrace the spectrum of individuality, encouraging every child to explore the wonders of music - at their own pace. Our tailored approach recognizes the diverse needs and passions of each student, creating a safe and inclusive space for them to thrive.

Most importantly, we offer a safe space for your child to fully embrace their true voice; entire lessons dedicated to helping them express themselves, exactly how they feel most comfortable.

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Whether your child is a free spirit dancing to their own rhythm or navigating the world with special needs, our experienced instructors are dedicated to fostering their musical journey.


From nurturing a love for piano keys to discovering the power truly singing like no one is watching, our lessons aim to enhance confidence, creativity, and joy through music.

Who Are We
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Let your child explore the magic of singing or playing the piano (or both!) with our complimentary first lesson. This is their chance to see if they enjoy the experience in a relaxed and fun environment, with no commitment necessary.

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We let kids lead the way in our lessons. Whether they want to sing their favorite tunes or learn new tricks, we go with their flow. When they're ready, we gently show them the 'cool stuff' like breathing techniques and control.


Singing helps kids feel more confident expressing themselves!


Finding your own unique voice doesn't just boost confidence; for many kids it can be a key that unlocks their boundless creativity and curiosity. Best of all, singing can be a great way for kids to deal with emotions when words don't quite cut it - even if they are non-verbal!


Your kid will have a blast singing in a cozy and supportive space, whether it's in our studio or from the comfort of your own home! 

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While encouraging child-led learning, we understand and value the goals you have for your children.

We strive to understand and incorporate your expectations into their musical journey.

We also know (firsthand) that if your kiddo isn't interested in something, it may be a constant battle to have them commit to it!

Each and every SoulStar lesson is crafted around what your child needs and wants to do on that day!

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Designed for players of all levels, we offer personalized instruction that suits each child's pace and musical aspirations. Whether your child dreams of playing classical masterpieces, every song from their favourite Disney movie, or even composing their own melodies… our lessons are built on each child’s unique interests and abilities.

Our RCM certified instructor provides expert guidance while fostering an environment that encourages individual growth and self-expression. From learning fundamental techniques to exploring diverse musical styles, we empower children to develop their skills... and have a LOT of fun in the process!

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SoulStar Sound Academy offers private and semi-private voice and piano lessons designed to spark imagination and unlock potential. With a curriculum focused on embracing diversity and individual strengths, our sessions cater to the specific needs and interests of each child.

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