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Search Engine Optimization of all Social Platforms, Websites and Blogs


 Bespoke Digital Marketing Lead Magnet Products and Sales Funnels

High Converting Copywriting and SEO 


Optimize Branding

Full Social Media Management Services

Social Banner Design

Custom Branded Content

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In-depth Ongoing Analytical Reports of All Paid and Organic Data


There are 3 main things that sum up Soul or Flare’s work:

1. Promptness & Attention to Customer Need
The first thing we noticed about working with Kayla was that she did all of our requests speedy fast. It was really unbelievable. She saved our tail on many projects. She also did everything in our best interest- so the trust was there right off the bat.


2. Communication
Kayla is an awesome communicator. She’s professional and worked well with my entire staff. Literally, everyone loved working with her because she helped everyone so much. So this led to us hiring her for numerous projects. We thought we were hiring someone just for an eBook. It turned into her cleaning up after another company we hired. Once she fixed that mess for us, we had her do a webinar, ClickFunnels, blogs, infographics, all kinds of ads, business consulting, and random projects. She can pretty much do anything. Of course, we produced great results, which is why we're going out of our way to write this for her!


3. Quality
Kayla doesn’t half ass things. All of the projects she completed for us were spectacular. You definitely get more than what you ask for with Kayla. If I could give 10 stars I would. I highly recommend using her for any kind of business.

Thanks so much for all your help Kayla!

- Richard Shuminsky, CEO

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