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Let your child explore the magic of singing or playing the piano (or both!) with our complimentary first lesson. This is their chance to see if they enjoy the experience in a relaxed and fun environment, with no commitment necessary.

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While encouraging child-led learning, we understand and value the goals you have for your children. We always collaborate with you to understand your expectations about their musical journey.

We also know (firsthand) that if your kiddo isn't interested in something, it may be a constant battle to have them commit to it!

Each and every SoulStar lesson is crafted around what your child needs and wants to do on that day!

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Designed for beginners to advanced players, we offer personalized instruction that suits each child's pace and musical aspirations. Whether your child dreams of playing classical masterpieces, every song from their favourite Disney movie, or even composing their own melodies… our lessons are built on each child’s unique interests and abilities.

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SoulStar Sound Academy offers private and semi-private voice and piano lessons designed to spark imagination and unlock potential. With a curriculum focused on embracing diversity and individual strengths, our sessions cater to the specific needs and interests of each child.

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